Our expert team of installers can come to your home the same day to evaluate your needs and provide you with a new garage door quote. Whether replacing because your door is broken beyond repair or you’re just shopping for an upgraded look, our Garage Gators expert team is standing by to provide you with fast, effective service.

At Door Gators, we are partnered with top-quality, brand-name manufacturers to provide you with the best new garage door possible. We’ve built a strong foundation upon those partnerships, allowing us to offer special prices and discounted garage doors of many kinds. Pair this with our expert technicians—boasting decades of experience in the industry—and you can trust that your neighbors at Door Gators will get your new door installed and working perfectly, the first time.

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Door Gators is your premiere garage door replacement company. Our team of experts bring with them decades of experience, ensuring you get a perfect installation and an experience you will remember, for all the right reasons.

Our extensive replacement services include removal of your existing door, removal and installation of a new track, opener replacement, sensor replacement, and the installation of the new garage door itself.

New garage doors can bring a whole new aesthetic to your home. Choose from a huge variety of styles to suit your unique taste. Call us for a quote today.


Whether you’re in the market for a new garage door that provides maximum security, you’re focused more on style, or you want the best of both worlds, our partnership with top door manufacturers grants you access to a huge collection of options. With fine attention to detail, you can expect the best when you choose Door Gators.

At Door Gators, we stand behind the products and services we offer. New garage door packages include a quality guarantee that often comes with a limited lifetime warranty. We’ve got you covered now and into the future.


If you have a front-facing attached garage on your home, then it takes up a large portion of the visible space from the outside. In fact, it is often the first thing that people notice when pulling in or driving by your home. With a new garage door, you can create an “ooh, ahh” moment for your house that is hard to achieve with any other upgrade.

There are several different kinds of garage doors to choose from, but the most common ones for residential and commercial buildings are sectional, roll-up, and tilt-up.

Sectional garage doors are likely what you picture when you think of a residential garage door. They are made up of several horizontal panels, each connected with hinges, and attached to a vertical track that curves at your garage entry. As the door opens and closes, each panel follows that track until it sits parallel with the ceiling when open, or perpendicular to the ground when closed. These garage doors are controlled with springs and cables and are fairly low maintenance. They tend to be very durable, often made from steel and other strong materials. Sectional garage doors can be plain, have windows in the section panels, have textured designs, and come in many colors. Sectional garage doors can be customized to match various design aesthetics, making them the most popular garage door option for residential homes.

Roll-up garage doors are more often found in commercial buildings, such as offices and warehouses. These are more functional and practical than they are appealing to look at. Roll-up garages are made with smaller panels/slats that roll up and around a drum when opened. They are ideal for commercial buildings where a ceiling is either much higher than the door itself or has limited space to allow for a track. Roll-up garage doors are some of the most durable garage doors out there, specially designed to withstand heavy usage in an industrial environment. This means they are also resistant to rust, corrosion, and weather fluctuations.

Tilt-up garage doors are made from one solid piece of material (often metal or wood), that is attached to a pivoting mechanism, allowing them to (you guessed it) tilt up into the garage. Tilt-up garage doors are more common in older homes. Sometimes called canopy-style garage doors, they extend past the front of the house as they are opened and sit parallel to the ceiling when fully opened.


With hundreds of designs to choose from, Door Gators offers the finest selection of new garage doors for quick installation into your home. With our comprehensive service, extended warranties, and expert technicians, Door Gators is your premiere local garage door installer.



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