If you are struggling with a garage door opener that is not working, you can rest easy with Door Gators as your neighbors. We’re offering same-day repair and replacement service for most inquiries.

Our Garage Gators expert team of technicians can come to your home or workplace quickly to evaluate the issue and provide you with a fair quote. They bring with them decades of experience paired with reliable warranties and friendly, professional service

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Door Gators is your one-stop shop for the repair and replacement of damaged or broken garage door openers. Our extensive repair and replacement services will cover anything that may be wrong with the device, whether it be worn parts, issues with the electrical components, or full replacement.

Because garage door openers combine both electrical and mechanical parts, it is best to choose a professional to examine and repair a broken one. Doing so without electrical knowledge could be dangerous to you and your home. With our experience and dedication to professional service, you can trust that Door Gators is the best garage door opener options.


There are several things that can go wrong with a garage door opener over time. Typically, these issues can be repaired. However, there are some larger issues that will require an investment in a new garage door opener.

One of the first things that a homeowner should check if their garage door opener stops working is the battery on their remotes. Simple as it may seem, it is easy to forget that these devices run on batteries that will naturally wear down with time. So start by changing out the batteries to see if that solves the issue. If the battery contacts are corroded, take caution and use compatible cleaning solutions to see if the corrosion can be removed. If your door functions again, then you should be good to go. If not, you should also verify that the garage door opener itself is still plugged in and that there is power to that outlet. If you’ve checked the batteries in your remote and the power source for the opener, but it still does not open or close, then a more thorough evaluation and repair may be needed.

One common repair needed is to fix the limiting switch on garage door openers. This is typically found on newer garage doors, and you will know it needs repair if you find your door auto-reversing (beginning to close, then opening up again). Of course, that could also be due to the sensor being blocked. But if the sensor photo eyes are clear and clean, and your door is still automatically reversing, then your limit switch likely needs adjusting.

On rare occasions, doors may also open and close on their own. This is likely an electrical malfunction related to frequencies and needs attention from a trained professional with electrical experience.

Another problem that people find with garage door openers is when they stop working completely. You’ve tried the remote, you’ve tried the button from inside the garage, and the track, springs, and other parts look to be attached as normal. In this case, there could be something wrong with an internal component of the opener or potentially that the system has broken completely.

A garage door opener is a seemingly small feature that makes your life significantly simpler by replacing the need to lift a heavy door manually. If your garage door opener starts to malfunction, then you can have it repaired or replaced with a more modern model as the MyQ Wi-Fi garage door opener.


There is no repair too large or small for our Garage Gators expert team of technicians, your premiere local garage door neighbor. Simply contact us for a free evaluation and estimate to get your garage door back on track.



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