Don’t risk your home warranty or your physical safety by trying to repair a broken garage door yourself. Our garage door expert team is standing by to provide you with fast, effective repair, often as quickly as same-day.

At Door Gators, leave the evaluation and repair to our expert technicians. We will come to your home or business to investigate the issue and provide you with a quick, accurate, and fair quote for repair.

Our extensive repair services include spring replacement, cable replacement, track repair and replacement, sensor malfunction repair, bearing and bracket replacements, and more.

Whether your garage door is straining to open, making more noise than usual, or stuck completely open or closed, give our Garage Gators repair experts a call today.

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Springs are the most common repair needed for garage doors. They are also a normal, wearable part of any garage door. And no matter what kind you have, knowing that repair or replacement will eventually be needed can help alleviate some frustration when it comes time to do so.

Most garage doors use one of two kinds of springs: torsion or extension springs.

Torsion springs are the ones you see above the opening of a garage door. These springs utilize torque through rotation to make it easier to open and close garage doors, supporting the weight and balancing the door. These springs remove strain on the opener by storing energy each time the door is closed. As the door is opened and the springs unwind, the energy is released, supporting the lift.

Extension springs are similar in that they also support the garage door to help it lift and lower. It does this with return force using extension, instead of rotation.

What’s the biggest difference between torsion and extension springs in garage doors? Extension springs are often more affordable, however, they require more components to work, which opens the door to more opportunities to fail. This includes a pairing with safety cables. They also tend to support less weight, so may not be the best choice for heavier garage doors. They also need replacement more often than torsion springs.

Changing springs without proper training and equipment can be dangerous. Not just to the person attempting the repair, but to the home itself, rushing damage to the walls and security of the home. At Door Gators, we offer garage door repair and replacement for all types of springs.


Garage door cables attach the spring system to the door itself. In partnership with the springs, the cables facilitate the opening and closing of the door. While the springs help control the door (one of the functions being to prevent it from slamming and causing injuries), the safety cables act as a failsafe to catch the door, should the springs break or malfunction. The type of garage door cable you need will depend on the type of springs you use. However, no matter the kind of cable you need, it is recommended that only a professional install/replace them due to the safety functionality of these components.


Just as with any other component of a garage door, the track will natural wear down over time. Regular maintenance can help prevent or delay repair, however, repair or replacement will be needed at some point in any garage door’s lifespan.

There are several indicators that your garage door track may need to be repaired. If your door is stuck and not opening or closing, it could be that the track has been tightened too much. If the door falls, it could be that it is too loose. If the seal of your garage door is not tight to the weather strip, then the track may be located too far from the proper location. Or if it is rubbing as it opens or closes, then it may be installed too close.

There are several kinds of garage door tracks, and the size of your garage will be a large determiner of which kind of track you need. A standard lift is the most common configuration, used for most residential buildings. A high lift is used when there is extended space above the garage door opening. There is also a low headroom lift, which is used when the space above the door is restricted to just a few inches.

No matter what kind of track you currently have, Door Gators can help you by repairing or replacing your garage door track.


The sensor is a device at the base of the track that stops a garage door from closing if it senses anything in its path. This safety feature is present on nearly all garage doors to prevent injury to any person or object in the way of the door.

Just as with all electrical components, it is normal for this part to wear with time, often needing service or replacement after about ten years. If you find that your garage door is not closing properly, and nothing seems to be obstructing the sensor at the base, then it is possible that you need garage door sensor repair service.


Garage doors have a lot of hidden parts that keep them operating. Sometimes something seemingly small can cause a large problem with the functioning of your garage. A few of these smaller parts include brackets and bearings.

Brackets help keep the door connected to the arm. Each time the door is opened, force is exerted through the bracket. Over time, bracket screws can become loose, which causes the bracket to shift location and affect the opening and closing of your door. Over time, this force can also break the bracket.

Bearings are tiny plates that are installed along the length of the springs. Over time, it is normal for bearings to become worn and damaged. You could have a broken garage door bearing if you notice that your garage door is making odd noises when opening and closing.


From the tiniest screws to entire door replacements, Door Gators offers comprehensive garage repair services to meet the needs of every customer, every time. Our decades of experience and partnerships with top-rated brand name manufacturers ensure you always receive the best garage door repair services. And we back that with up to a lifetime warranty on a variety of products and services.



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